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  How To Improve SEO For WordPress Sites 08/15/2022 9:57pm (UTC)

If you want to improve the number of visitors to your WordPress site, the significance of SEO cannot be overlooked. Without SEO, your site will not rank high on search engines like Google and will not be visible to your potential customers. So, if you have a WordPress site all ready to be published, pause and consider if your site is SEO optimized.

So, if you want your page to be among the initial pages on a search engine when a potential customer searches for products or services similar to what you are offering, you need to improve SEO for your WordPress site. Here are a few tips to help you get started.

Optimize your site and focus on content

The page titles, URLs, tag lines, meta description, images, videos and content of your site must be optimized through the right use of keywords. Identify the relevant keywords for your brand, products or services based on the accurate depiction and the words used by shoppers to search for relevant products or services.

Once you have identified the appropriate keywords, use them in all aspects of the site mentioned earlier. It will enable the search engine to identify your page and rank you higher on the SERP.

Use an SEO-friendly theme

When choosing a theme, do not only consider the site's aesthetic appeal. You also need to make a choice based on how SEO-friendly the chosen theme is.

Assess site speed and performance

The speed of your site is important as search engines prefer quick-loading pages. Similarly, customers also find it easy to use sites that deliver quick results. No one has the time and patience to wait for a slow page to upload. Consider using a fast web host for that purpose.

Moreover, the site structure is also significant so that customers can navigate through the site with ease. Categories and tags are preferred in WordPress, so use categories to list products and services for smooth navigation and time-saving.

Get an SSL certificate

The informed customers of today prefer sites with secure connections. SSL encryption is also an integral aspect of a good ranking on Google. Therefore, consider adding an SSL certificate to your site.

Use a readable permalink

Clean and straightforward URLs are easy for the customers and positively impact your page's content, so consider using an SEO friendly, readable URL structure.

Add external and internal links

External and internal links are both useful, but internal links are preferred when it comes to SEO. Use descriptive texts to add external and internal links and only add where it fits the context.

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